Henry Moulton

Technology, React Native and The Future

I'm Henry Moulton, a software design and development freelancer living in London, UK.

My portfolio will be online soon.

I'm on Twitter and LinkedIn, and for years I've been collecting bits of the internet I found interesting on Tumblr.

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Lessons Learned from Mobile at Scale (At Uber)

01 May, 2021

Summary Gergely Orosz worked on the Uber app, and has spilled out the lessons learned building Uber in his book Mobile At Scale and a…

Make It Fast

25 April, 2021

We’re now seeing versions 2.0 of Web 2.0 software. It used to be that we’d see web versions of enterprise software. Gmail for example was…

Hey Recruiter - a Freelance and Contractor methodology for pipelining leads on LinkedIn

17 July, 2018

For finding freelance gigs I’ve so far relied on: Upwork Referrals Recruiters via LinkedIn I haven’t had any bad experiences with recruiters…

PWA London Meetup Notes

17 July, 2018

I went to PWA London Meetup, Toaster showcased building a PWA from scratch for the Natural History Museum that had the hard requirement of…

Scrappy Notes on Chain React 2018 Videos

17 July, 2018

Chain React 2018 was a conference focused on React Native covering a lot of the latest developments in the ecosystem. Here’s my notes from…

Scrappy Notes on Web Marketplaces

29 November, 2017

My first memory of using a new marketplace was during the London 2012 Olympics, Uber had just arrived in London. Uber were running a…

Apple Maps, Google Maps and Citymapper Strategy Comparison

17 November, 2017

Update: The interviews with Citymapper went really well, but sadly they’re only looking for designers at the moment. Probably better for me…

Web 3.0, Newsletter 8

05 November, 2017

Introduction to Computing for 9 year olds Introduction Over the weekend my little bro forgot that he was meant to be babysitting for these…

Citymapper's Search Results, Product Feedback

04 November, 2017

Update 9/11/17: Citymapper’s head of mobile liked the feedback, having call tomorrow. Update 10/11/17: Turns out Joe is the engineering lead…

Skills Gap, Newsletter 7

09 October, 2017

The teaser trailer for sci-fi film Annihilation came out. I’m no economist but here’s some things I’ve been thinking about for the last…

Round Two, Newsletter 6

26 September, 2017

Sorry about that, at some point I realised that I really enjoyed making these newsletters. Shout out to those of you who when seeing me said…

Annual Letters, Mambo Number 5

25 February, 2017

Hope you’re all well. This newsletter has Annual Letters from smart people giving ideas away for free, corporate espionage over self-driving…

Quick let's take a selfie, Newsletter 4

05 February, 2017

👻 Snap Inc (which make the app Snapchat) wants to be on the stock market so they released their S1 (the document they have to make public…

The Buzzword Edition, Newsletter Three

29 January, 2017

Switching it up, this newsletter covers a fortnight’s worth of stuff. “I think the major fear isn’t achieving full automation. If we could…

Obama's final speech, Newsletter 2

22 January, 2017

”… the next wave of economic dislocations won’t come from overseas. It will come from the relentless pace of automation that makes a lot of…

I went to CES, Newsletter One

09 January, 2017

This week the word’s largest tech expo CES happened in Vegas. I was lucky enough to be there! I’ll quickly list my thoughts and then move on…

Hello World, Newsletter Zero

04 January, 2017

Thanks for subscribing to the first newsletter of Twenty/Twenty. I started this newsletter for a few reasons, one of which being my related…

Facebook's Events, Product Feedback

26 November, 2015

Note: I originally wrote a draft in 2015 of this post on Medium. I planned on making some app designs of the supposedly upcoming Facebook…