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Obama's final speech, Newsletter 2

January 22, 2017

”… the next wave of economic dislocations won’t come from overseas. It will come from the relentless pace of automation that makes a lot of good middle class jobs obsolete.

And so we’re going to have to forge a new social compact to guarantee all our kids the education they need, to give workers the power to unionize for better wages, to update the social safety net to reflect the way we live now, and make more reforms to the tax code so corporations and the individuals who reap the most from this new economy don’t avoid their obligations to the country that’s made their very success possible.

…For blacks and other minorities, it means tying our own struggles for justice to the challenges that a lot of people in this country face – the refugee, the immigrant, the rural poor, the transgender American, and also the middle-aged white man who from the outside may seem like he’s got all the advantages, but who’s seen his world upended by economic, cultural, and technological change.”

Obama made his final speech, recommending that America’s safety net needs an overhaul. He’s probably thought this for a while.


Why we should all have a basic income

Last week Finland started trialling Basic Income… Following on from that The World Economic Forum is discussing UBI, as are MEPs and a piece from The Guardian.

Harnessing automation for a future that works - McKinsey Report on automation

“Our scenarios suggest that half of today’s work activities could be automated by 2055, but this could happen up to 20 years earlier or later depending on various factors, in addition to other economic conditions.”

SpaceX returns to flight with Falcon 9 rocket launch

SpaceX is back to launching rockets that automatically self-land (!!)

“OK Facebook”—Why stop at assistants? Facebook has grander ambitions for modern AI

Latest update from Facebook: We’re using AI to analyse your content and serve you better ads, but longterm we’re really hoping to win the AI Assistant wars vs Amazon, Apple, Google etc.

Andy Rubin Nears His Comeback, Complete With an ‘Essential’ Phone

The creator of Android (Operating System of 90%+ of the smartphone market) is working on a new phone. Will be interesting to see differentiation in hardware features and if anything interesting with software happens.

OpenAI founding story from the CTO

Millennials earn 20% less than Boomers did at same stage of life - Federal Reserve report

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